With hands in history

teach it all you know

Out of all the units on the machine, this is the most complex to describe! Simplicity of use is inversely proportional to design complexity and mechatronic assembly.
The playback capability installed on our machines allows the operator to record the first piece using a joystick, without necessarily having specific skills in ISO numerical control programming. In this manner, the steps carried out by the operator, including their force and speed, are recorded.

The tool of the trade

The Nova Sidera Joystick originated from observation of the metal spinners’s body movements when using shaping sticks. In manual spinning, the deformation force is impressed by the spinner’s body.

Manual processing

The innovation of this method lies in the enhancement of the metal spinner’s expertise, due to the machine layout and use of the joystick to replicate the user’s movements during manual spinning. Furthermore, the speed and intuitiveness of programming with “Easy Spinning” playback makes it ideal for numerous production changes and sample spinning throughout the day, facilitating the day-to-day workload of our customers. Importantly, operators who are not professional metal spinners experience the same simplicity of use. This is demonstrated by the fact that operators become proficient at using our spinning lathes after just 3 days of training.

Manual processing plus teaching

The main working parameters are set using the simple and intuitive human–machine interface.
The saved parameters will then be used to develop a program that can be utilized as is or modified at will to achieve the desired production or finishing results.

Come and find out how our production process has evolved to date.